If you don’t want to regret it…

Don’t bother yourself. A real love will last even though you express it to your partner every second. It’s not the same with what psychology says about your dreams, that if you broadcast them, your willingness to achieve them will not be as eager as before. It’s not like your bottled water too. It will grow more, because expressing your feelings is a way of showing that you appreciate her, that you care, that you’re happy with her, with the relationship between you. In return, she’ll going to give all that she can to make you happy too. Your relationship will grow by having an open communication. Transparency is a very important ingredient in an intimate relationship. Don’t worry that you’re feelings will decrease just like when you drink your bottled water. A real love lasts. Cherish every second, express what’s in your heart before you realize, “I should’ve said it before”

He said, “let us fix this”

I’ve been so much drunk in love. It is a blessing to have a lover in life. When everything is so messed up, and you’ve been in every edge of it, just one step and everything is gone– it is a blessing to have a lover in life.

I feel like I’m a misfit. I don’t know how to be with others. This is me, and nobody can handle a girl like me. I’m so frank that my words sometime offend others. I’m not a good daughter. I’m a mouth breather. I’m not a perfect sister, I will never be one. I can be affected easily, I am so sensitive that I don’t really want any body to stay close to me, because I am afraid to be misunderstood again, I’m so sick of it. So I smile and hide million thoughts in my head instead of showing how self pity is living in me.

Despite of my sadness, imperfections and suicidal thoughts there is one who chose to stay he said, “let us fix this”.